by Sir KN8

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Self-titled full length album. 2016 Show and Smell Recordings.


released February 1, 2016

All words and music composed and performed by Sir Kn8 (Nathan Dufour Oglesby) except as otherwise noted.



all rights reserved


Sir KN8 Brooklyn, New York


The "k" is silent. Like in "Knight". The numeral 8 makes an "ate" sound.

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Track Name: Fresh Baked
MMM fresher than some fresh baked bread...
Track Name: Notions of Space and Time
Middle class white dude. Hype too. Like, Who’s this little ass knight goof who writes truth?. I’m new. New born. True form. Warm from out the god-womb. O’er whom broads swoon. Boom: raw wad spewin’. Hot noon to midnight. Rid right in the middle of it. Frickin love it. I didn’t write it, I heard it in the heaven hiding. I'm abiding. On time. Magazine. Rhyming on the microphone and roaming on a jagged line. That’s fine. O Christ: new post, no likes. So like, we weep, seen in the receding light. Really nice icelike three eyed eyesight. Hi-IQ see real truth precise. Sized right: 32/30, sturdy tho slight. No ones ever heard of me: Sir Kn8, a lone knight.
Oh my oh me we make it on our own right. Take it easy but take it tho. Saying flow, know might.

Aye divine light I will constitute your existence
In disconnected utterances, fluttering brisk glints
Of prescient reflection that make people dance
And glean some brief awareness of the epochs’ advance
Wordy rap music philosophical hip-hop
Loquacious flow-spits that twist thoughts like a spinning top
If you’re sitting stop sitting, get up and stand tall
Get there, in the air lemme see you hands y’all

Eat a beat like beets upon a plate
Emcees collapse like electrons from a quantum state
Oh my God wait…speaking of what I’m eating
Got a rhyme flow that portrays my voracious reading
Let’s go; raise the ceiling; Let’s raise awareness
Give all the people good education and fair rents
Hi, my names Nathan I come from good parents
God goeth with me but I don’t know where it is
Golden pronouncements outflow from my pair of lips
Piercing the essence o’er which the appearance sits
Most of you rappers with hits are transparent shit
Roll out a ghost-written chorus and there you quit
Maybe repeating your hooks has impaired your wit
Maybe read books, you utter embarrassments
What are we? What is this? Whence sent, this weird vision
It’s all so loco No local realism
No clear way out out the constructs and system
More than two million we threw them in prison
When I say we I don’t mean we each person
But we the vast complex of tastes and aversions
That structures our worlds in the tight weave of consciousness
And normative assumptions — or isn’t that obvious?
Can’t believe an ounce of it, all the hate you talk of
The power of Love is absolute like the Vodka
Rock a show like a-bye-baby Hi ladies how are ya
Aint got no gold but soul gotta whole lotta
What’s soul? that’s the moment of my motion into being
As I’m borne from realms eternal into the midst of imperfect things
Or to put it more mundanely, it’s the fact that I exist
As an real live pulse of what underlies all that is
This is me see me for the first time and know me
We’re separate by our notions of our space and time only
Track Name: YLALO
YLALO -- you live at least once. Sorry Drake

You have made an assumption that I, Kn8, cannot possibly make
Conceivably this life wherein now we make mirth

Is just one pitstop among countless rebirths
YLALO -- you live at least once. MIA,
I deeply appreciate what I'm pretty sure you're trying to say
But what makes you certain that that for which we cry and pray
Won't, when we die, just die with us and slide away?
YLALO -- you live at least once. This I'm sure of 

Maybe beyond the threshold of this world there's pure love

Waiting to stream forth once this screens done buffering

Or maybe I'll be back for more joy and suffering
YLALO you live at least once. But what does "you" entail?

Aren't we just atoms that randomly that spin and flail

And don't all these atoms have smaller parts like pinned tails

None of which, if it could care, would care if you were impaled

"You live", well actually to be perfectly accurate "
I live",
Like, Descartes, cogito ergo, et cetera

Better to be sure than go too far.
But if you are, the important fact 

Is that you live at least once, but you really might live more than that

You live at least once — you could have not lived by a smidgen

Your atoms crash wips on the pathways of rhythm

But who placed the pathways, and when's the beginning?

Or are its own parts what start it all spinning?
What does this all mean? What does it not mean
It's as hazy as hot steam
Wait, shit, this is Gods dream! 
Nah mean?
Sprawl in the raw being

Where summers and winters come in between falls and springs

YLALO you live at least once. But either way 

You might as well live the present moment in a freer way

Try to find the meaning, dragging on a gleaming j

Digging through the haystacks in which I'm told the needles lay

Digging through the record stacks and grabbing something sweet to play
Love is all you need, but what you need is not for me to say

YLALO -- you live at least once and it ain't boring

Born with no instructions for usage or storing

Don't hold the boat back tied to old mooring

Each passing fact is a new night and morning
Wide eyed in wild pain and wonder you poor thing

And oh boy you might be reborn for more being

You live at least once, that is if life’s real in the first place
And all we experience isn’t just a surface trace
Sneezed from the nostrils that yawn from God’s perfect fac e
And up to now we’ve been arguing who’s the best and who’s the worst race???
Everybody is equally important, sprung and free

Like a bunch of little buds on a big funky tree

Run that sap. Rap like me

People'll be like Yeah, buts what's that mean?

I'm talking about my visions: something something something

Nocturnal emissions: What dreams I come in

I writ it and I said it, few edits, whoo! reckless

My head brims with hymns like a basement of records

I leaf through the pages, purge out the anguish

Turn a new leaf, learn to weed out the aphids

It's hard to spot the essence cuz it ain't this and it ain't this

Fake emcees are just clowns like "Hey, kids!"

Sir Kn8 is nothing in the cosmic analysis
And the same goes for Drake, MIA, planes and palace
Get it all, and maybe get another go, all y’all know
Is that you live at least once -— YLALO

It’s hard to say
Just as the truth to which it refers
Is dim and difficult to conceive
Track Name: Events
Are you going to tell me how much fun i can have?
Are you going to quantify that beforehand on the internet?
Will I be able to obtain unambiguous but doubtful indications of who else will be present at the event?
Will anyone else be present at the event?
Will the images associated with the event be ironically unrelated to the context of the actual content?
Will there actually be content?
Will I be content?
I’m concerned about wavering between deep spiritual investment and anxious indifference, whom should I contact about that?
Should I contact myself?
Should I touch myself? Or is this not an interactive event?
Do I have to actually be there or can I express my appreciation for those who organized it in the form of eloquent professions of regret?
If I am there physically, will I spend money?
Will you make money or in the end will you spend more than I will?
Will my will to participate more actively than is appropriate for the context interfere wit h my ability to appreciate the moment in its purity?
Do you think anyone there will find me sexually relatable?
Will I find anyone relatable at all?
What are the formal possibilities for social relation at the present stage in cultural consciousness?
Are there limits to consciousness, and if so, what are they?
How long will the event be?
How many hours after the indicated time will it begin?
Will it begin or will always be seeming to begin until suddenly it is beginning to end?
Is this the beginning of the end?
Have I ever told you how much I appreciate you being my friend?

How do we generate open and sincere situations that facilitate opportunities for legitimate mutual validation?
Is psychological validation a worthwhile end or is it a desire that is created by those very situations?
Have we reconciled our impulse to promote ourselves with our ostensible allegiance to the decentralization of power, both political and spiritual?

Will there be food, and how overpriced will it be?
Do you know the location of the nearest ATM with the lowest charge?
Will I time it just right to exit the final screen without having to see my balance displayed, and reconcile myself with its paltry sum?
Track Name: Shield of Madness
Forge a little somethin in the smithy of my mind
Madness made of adamant, in intricate design
Cull it from the kiln of will where inner fires shine
Wear my mental armor carry on my daily grind
Goin out quietly? nothing of the kind
Conquering the world but I kinda feel like cryin
I’m a cataract of atoms that by chance are called mine
And are crashing through a wall of light sprawled about and blind
Kinda sounds crazy Crazy but its real!
Harness my confusion and create from it a shield
Aint trying to hide behind it tryin to hold it forth and raise it
Ward away the forces of oppressiveness and hatred
For the way that's overrated is the way that most have taken
Cause they’d rather front and fake than be exposed and know they’re naked
Takin a stance against that one and this one wasting away in inaction and wishing
Waiting on someone to show them a vision as if it will give it all some definition

Damn this
Practice and Have Bliss
Wish, Action and Swish
Yeah its all in that wrist
Planned this
At risk Win it all
Splish splash sprawling in the cosmic mash mish
Yeah bitch thats rad ish
As raw as radish, in a garden grown fresh
Oh my Gosh so def
Guarding the part of my self thats left when my soul from its cell is cleft Yes
Cell? Check. Keys? check? Bottle in my bag? yes
Also got the shield I forged with my madness
Don’t leave home without it American Express
Shield of Real to shield me from American excess
XX and OO Embrace and Plant kiss And phrase the poem’s flow
in praise of glad gifts
Now hate’s a bad miss but Love exact hits
Walking where the latter is
And my talisman is this
Track Name: Free Create
Free create
We perceive the seething real agape
Really great
Ridin the wheel that reels the time in its gait
I’m an 8
Infinity sign on its side
Hate’s opposite
Stating an apposite comment
A comet
A rad affidavit
Maybe start small like the dick on the David
But later be famous as Virgil’s Aeneid
Actually classical statues were painted
All the paints gone Rents gone Paid it
Parents gone party Middle class Pastures
I can make shit and still get my masters
Yet can I still be the livest emcee
And still write my diss and get my PhD
I’m the wisest, in context. Context is all there is
Contest Do or die Uteri Balls and dicks
All of this is all of this
Coughing phonics
Wild electro loop harmonics wrought on Logic
Raw and honest
I’m an ahtist
I’m the oddest
Spot the essence: Not this, not this
On this plate Lima beans
Nate, what does your rhymin’ mean?
I’m a seam between the scenes of self and other
Folding inward as I cleave my parts from alternate objects
Go hard till I melt like butter
Contnuous birth in unlimited process
On this rock dis-content
Talk flocks from my asophogus
Gots to keep it live like Yanni like at the acropolis
Droppin this heaviness
Weight that I can’t hold
Midas touch Touch myself
God damn the man’s gold
Just one body
Do what I can, ensouled
MC’s are programs: get canceled

Be a goof beautiful in goof suits, really great 

Ain't nothing for it but to make it up and free create
Free create, free create, freedom that you can't escape
Ride the wheel that reels it out, spell it out
Track Name: Halleluia
Halleluia even when I’m bluer than a smurf
Spiral through the moments, dying into birth
My, life hurts!, drinking wine at my apartment
Scarf up the oxygen and mutter out the carbon
Start another notepad Save it on the desk top
Speech that makes the heart stop, beats that make the head rock
Dead stop: shatter all illusions
Yet even in their shattering the shards assembles new ones
Do tons of reading, antiques and new tomes
Fuel for the head so I’m ready when the muse comes
Choose no themes but do the biddings of my first thoughts
Fall in from the spot within the beat on which the verse plops
Nerds cops crooks academics and politicians
Don't get out much but ive seen it all in visions
Check, amount unwritten, Love with no conditions
This one goes out to my knights on noble missions

Halleluiah howdy do ya hey it all aint so bad
Crawling round on mother earth like Hey where’d ya go, Dad?
Whole lotta Nathans loaded up within my gonads
Like the immanent predicates folded up within a monad
Pig within a blanket like a phallos in a veil
Will to build my ego like a palace in a tale
Wags his little tail, drools when he hears the dinging
Wandering the awesome cosmic ocean in a dinghy
Trying to make living but the stipends kinda dinky
Walk among the evergreens whipping out his thingy
Wiki wiki wiki. The song was like 'sing me'
So I wrote it and rocked it and rode out like Veni Vidi Vici
Letcha have my light but I betcha can't bic me
Left a wad of Nathans in the divot of the mickey
Miss me when my particles disperse fast sportive
Back into the essence for their editing and storage
Positive of not a single fact of thought or matter
But that does not to deter me from my task you awful rappers
Seek a direct manner or use tacit implication
Truth: the inner panic underneath their outward patience
Ain’t this all a great convenience, order in the incoherence
And how every now and then we glean the real amidst appearance
Pealing of the spheres Word of Warning Now Hear This
Feed the anguished Forming Say Things Fearless
Pealing of the spheres Word of Warning Now Hear This
Feed the anguished Forming Say Things Fearless
Track Name: Word
Word: Formless
Figured I might record this
Bird: Horus
A complicated chorus
I’m a knight: Horseless
Follow the light, remorseless
Either wrong or right
A thing of no importance

My lyrics rend veils between objects and subjects
My voice fords the void towards ya
Are you in love yet?
Are you convinced of this love's present resonance
Pressed in all the the cracks as a conditioning element?
I'm not here to argue
We share the same star, dude
We're stuck on the same rock
Breaking up is hard to do
Are two not one? that depends on who's counting
All toss our coins into the same cosmic fountain
All play the same game
But some of them don't play nice
But nobody can step into the same river twice
Seek advice: heed the sound in the dark that keeps time
That's the great wave form that breaks on the mind
And binds us in moments before and behind
As our elements roll in their courses and kinds
It's kind of like sex
If sex was everything
Sex is everything
Get in the bed of being
Get rid of meddling, irrelevant meta-memes
And settle your mind on the immanent meat of things

Soul is a blow of the horn as it flows into form and cavorts in the nothingness
Love is a couple of specks in the the emptiness, as a receptacle speckled with loveliness
Come in this hole, harness the glory, starting the story in words as I say rhyme
Hot mama she swerves with curves that roll like diaphanous folds of the spacetiime

sir kn8Hip Hoprappoetryphilosophicalbrooklynnycindieundergroundshow and smell recordings
Track Name: Karmic Dickslap
Hear what I say
Clearing my way
My way like Sinatra
Gotcha okay
You know? No, no se
In hell I won't stay
Hey this is just swell
And I feel so gay
Oh yay a new day
A light like on matches
World went the whole way
Around on its axis
I ask this what's the extent of all heaven
All and then some more
Rhetorical question

Droppin speech upon a beat like feet that cross a street
On like a light
Like a lip upon a teet
Drawing milk that's real sweet
Accomplishing the feat
Goin in

How come all the gluttons are the ones that push the buttons?
Vile gluttons
Trying to cut our Vital gluons
Bitin the bonds that bind our atoms
But my soul is soundly fastened
Wow thats about as deep as boundless chasms
Zounds we're going down, no Captain
I've been down since Eve was going down on Adam
I've been down since Eve released that album

Spit rap
Hard shit
Get back
The karmic dickslap
Some emcees artistic decisions are troubling
And ill advised like buying your groceries while hungry
Look at me, it's real, not faking it
Looking ill like I'm not gonna make it
Doin em in and I don't even know what I'm doin
I been here schoolin where you been
Who them? Are they not men? Calm in the true zen
Slop wop and sir kn8 like ryu and ken
Hi how you been?
I'm fine
Truly zen
Right here in my zone, spittin this poem, drinkin some gin
Track Name: Say the Rhyme
On it like a page Saying what I wrote
Pray to keep it holy in this life until I ghost
Flow like butter Not milk toast
Way more rhymes than facebook posts
Not to make a judgment Few hear my music
But those few who do are like Ah Mmm Ooh, sick
Really kind of artful though the thoughts come too quick
Fast pitch Bullpen Cow pen Moo Bic
Life is short: Skirt. Art is is long like a tunic
Try to burn right like a candle with the true wick
Working hard, glad for little things that make my mood click
Every time I’m hard it’s like damn I got a new dick
Easily surprised but sincerely so supportive
Gaze upon the lillies of the field where I’m sporting
Wrote a bunch of poems stopped playing sports and things
Made it my part to chart the essences that supercede
And smoking weed Now I’m smoking weed and teaching classes
Dropping shit while poopin out a Phd in classics
Yeah kids Bad kids Batkids Batmen
No hits Dont know where my bat’s been
Sometimes I’m aware of what happens
Other times I’m right where the action is
But don’t know dick tho Ask how the tale ends
Moby Dick flow MC’s sink Whale Wins
Your girlfriends turn around and twirl on my male end
Oeeoh Oeeeay Tail Spin
Track Name: Gin Drink
Sing well with true muses
Ding bell when new news has
Come through
Come do as I do in your true newness
Who knew this old style was still so intuitive
Screw loose Its all screwless
All fall
You Brutus?
You brute
Too cute
Too gay
Too bright
Do right
Do Knight in a new way
Hey like who do the proof right
Ride in at night like poof in moonlight
Climb high to new height
Right out
Too hype
Right on
I’m gone
Be good tonight
Step and get beat on a dope beat
Humpty Hump meets Dudley Do Right
Too tough is just right
Do stuff I don’t like
Life: I ride the train a lot, I ain't got no bike
Its okay I read books
It’s okay I read looks
She’s like “You like this” and I’m like She cooks
Some say ‘we crooks’ , we’re cool, we steal goods
And I'm like, I teach school, I'm straight like chess rooks
Investigate the weakness from the inside and get focused
Otherwise it’s like no tools in deep woods
No fool, deep words
Deep wounds, soul hurts
I’m just some dude and my verse is no worse
Oh word? you're so sure?
Know God with no church
Jay bird from her perch
Great verve
Stay purist
Say Nate but Sir first
That bank sure burst
Whole world of hunger and love, but the haters get served first

Serve it on the rocks and I mash that lime
Toss that rock like yeah swish mine
Pay that tax better get it in in time
And better get it all right or you’ll pay mad fines
Thats a bad sign hard to read between the lines
Life is kinda hard lotta weird vibes
Kinda think of stealing out and swinging on a vine
Giving all of two hoots ding-a-ling flyin’

Here’s the thing I hope you never make it as a faker
Here’s a Ting, a lovely little soda from Jamaica
Here’s a ring I hope I’m not abandoned at the altar
Thinking I’m a grab the mic and rock it like Gibratlar
Dont impart it if it’s not a part of who you are you gotta
Take the cup that you’ve been offered or go find another bar.
I bet a bitter beer’d be better than a bitter year
Of being boggled how the bottle that you had had got you here
It’s a metaphor, but not a subtle sentiment
At times I get suspicious of the helpfulness of sentience
When us living in this universe starts feeling like a sentence
I must escape my conscious mind with musical inventiveness
Track Name: These Greaves
Wear these greaves like a shinguard against evilness
No sweat Don’t let the sun set on my grieviance
Actually its grievance Its Factual and reasoned
Rap that’s like a fragrant dish immaculately seasoned
A season in a weekend An epoch in a moment
Une saison en Enfer Rimbaud poeme
Go in, save em like Rambo Damn yo
If that bro can’t tell a damn well planned flow
And so, save it in your phone Name and info
Off of the dome or written at home depending how the wind blow
Dylan I-phone Dialin Dealin
Chillin up in my zone higher than a ceiling
A seedling that’s rising straight through the street top
Long hair like branches that spray from a tree top
ZOP we waft in the cosmic improbableness
Of this one small moment of brief but so awesome bliss

Great Scot flopping out the bottom of my kilt
You can go ahead and sit on my big white….guilt
I’m just trying to pluck the flower of Western culture while it wilts
And not fall while I’m walking tall like stilts
It’s skills that make the craftsman, handle that skill saw
All used equipment tho so the mixes are still raw
Even though these days even anonymous songs are polished
And a whole lot of mix tapes sound complex and symphonic
This is honest though Raw as gold culled from out the riverbed
Gold Rush Neil Young Real fun In my head
But I’m trying to rhyme my way out to the outside
And climb to high strata of the lifeworld without lying
I and I and Eye 3 and my ch’i are a high tree
Towering in the sun light out o’er the wide sea
I’m me I’m You Truly a pleasure being ya
We’re at S - I - R - K - N - 8 on the paths of social media

sir kn8Hip Hoprappoetryphilosophicalbrooklynnycindieundergroundshow and smell recordings
Track Name: Goldilocks
Gotta lotta locks, golden tho, Goldilocks
Head is full of heavy thoughts
Keep it light
Rolling rocks
Kinda raucous: rocky life
Up and down: dome to socks
Home is where I get in my zone and talk
No one gonna put my poem in a box
Going across an open ocean alone and hoping I won't be lost
And drown within the roaring sound of my own soul-obsessing thoughts
In a ship but I'm gettin tossed
Ship of fools anyway
Swimmin through it everyday
Shit but with a silver gloss
Gosh, damn
Gosh how descriptive
My educated, middle class little lily-white ass is gifted
I'm given my inspiration when I'm down or when I'm lifted
Up upon this microphone flowing fountainous and limpid
I writ it up in a song, spoke it in a rhythm
Leaping up to heaven like I'm a frog
Key to key upon the MPC like a toad on a lily pad
Flipping out my flaming tongue from the comfort of my bromeliad
I'm really glad that its really good to be alive, but like it or not
Sometimes I despise it as much as right now I like it a lot
Time I bought a solar panel: plannin on it: obvious
Can't sustain the clouds of ignorance billowing out of our consciousness
Because it just isn't good business.
You understand what this is?
Real life. Give back.
Get that you'll be a biz whiz
Sometimes the day's just a whole lot that hasnt happened yet
Before I can go home and hang out with Alicia Papanek
Pray to God: hey God: Nate called when you have a sec
He wants to know what it all means: ah, I see. She has to check
Answer is: wrong question. Quest goes in a long circle
Utterance and flawed intention. Flashing robes of kingly purple
Hurdle. Heard well.
Th presciently poetic
Well yes, I'm well-read, but I'm not overburdened by a desire to express it
Alright, yes I am: I'm tortured, and the chamber is the choir
Of the elements of my selfhood:
I am nothing but Desire
Feed the fire with the building and build another from the rubble
Love me, I'm a rapper
Fuck me in the butthole
I'm Nathan Oglesby, I'm hanging like a rosary
I came alive, ensouled and free in incarnate artful agency
Card I carry: human being
Do my time, do my thing
Cross I bear: JHC
Gotcha there
Hey, its me!
I hate emcees who hate emcees, its a paradox of my perfect love
I want the bliss of nothingness, but I'm kinda busy doin stuff
Ooh! its tough to want it: gotta get that fame quick
I ain't tryin to die anonymous I'm trying to place a dick
Within the folds of human consciousness, and press the precious tissue
Cause life's a little better when when you're not you bet they'll miss you
A lot of ostensible prophets have gotta obfuscate the issue
As if by saying it often enough when it isn't it suddenly is true
Get this dude: there are senses and there are sensory presentations
And these convey either accurate or inaccurate information
And often its impossible to distinguish the false from the accurate
Which sometimes makes me wonder whether I'm capable of such analysis
First world problems: what is this is a dream?
And its this paper cup of gourmet coffee what it seems?
What if its the matrix?
And what am I even doing?
And would an answer satisfy requisites at an accredited institution?
Cute one (shrug)
Try to circumscribe the blunder
Its a like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
I'll withhold my judgment and I won't begrudge another's
Lifes a bag of gummies: tasty little buggers
Ain't from the city, ain't from the sticks
Attempts to self-indentify as such have aimed and missed
And so I'ma mix a vague awareness of my origin with my changing tastes
And traipse on through this ancient place, born of an invading race
Wait, this is not my problem because I'm awesome
The hell it's not
I guess it gets a little hot when you live inside of a melting pot
Sure as hell, the kernel pops
So it goes and never stops
Howd you know the way it goes?
I don't know, I read a lot
How'd they? they made it up
Lay it up
Product of our brains' collective consciousness or plain luck
I hate it when it ain't Love
Track Name: Old Plank Road
Do you know what time it is? This must be the place
Life goes by about as fast as light in empty space

I won't get drunk no more
I won't get drunk no more
I won't get drunk no more
Going down the old plank road

Climb the moment like a mountain, ride it like a wave
In the service of this world but no one in it's slave

Rising like an island from the swathes of cosmic foam
Ain't she looking good tonight I'd like to take her home

How I'd like to have a vision of it, all I hear and see
Time's a moving picture of all eternity