YLALO / Events

by Sir KN8

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released February 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Sir KN8 Brooklyn, New York


The "k" is silent. Like in "Knight". The numeral 8 makes an "ate" sound.

For booking and other inquiries hit up nathandoglesby@gmail.com.


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Track Name: YLALO
YLALO -- you live at least once. Sorry Drake

You have made an assumption that I, Kn8, cannot possibly make
Conceivably this life wherein now we make mirth

Is just one pitstop among countless rebirths
YLALO -- you live at least once. MIA,
I deeply appreciate what I'm pretty sure you're trying to say
But what makes you certain that that for which we cry and pray
Won't, when we die, just die with us and slide away?
YLALO -- you live at least once. This I'm sure of 

Maybe beyond the threshold of this world there's pure love

Waiting to stream forth once this screens done buffering

Or maybe I'll be back for more joy and suffering
YLALO you live at least once. But what does "you" entail?

Aren't we just atoms that randomly that spin and flail

And don't all these atoms have smaller parts like pinned tails

None of which, if it could care, would care if you were impaled

"You live", well actually to be perfectly accurate "
I live",
Like, Descartes, cogito ergo, et cetera

Better to be sure than go too far.
But if you are, the important fact 

Is that you live at least once, but you really might live more than that

You live at least once — you could have not lived by a smidgen

Your atoms crash wips on the pathways of rhythm

But who placed the pathways, and when's the beginning?

Or are its own parts what start it all spinning?
What does this all mean? What does it not mean
It's as hazy as hot steam
Wait, shit, this is Gods dream! 
Nah mean?
Sprawl in the raw being

Where summers and winters come in between falls and springs

YLALO you live at least once. But either way 

You might as well live the present moment in a freer way

Try to find the meaning, dragging on a gleaming j

Digging through the haystacks in which I'm told the needles lay

Digging through the record stacks and grabbing something sweet to play
Love is all you need, but what you need is not for me to say

YLALO -- you live at least once and it ain't boring

Born with no instructions for usage or storing

Don't hold the boat back tied to old mooring

Each passing fact is a new night and morning
Wide eyed in wild pain and wonder you poor thing

And oh boy you might be reborn for more being

You live at least once, that is if life’s real in the first place
And all we experience isn’t just a surface trace
Sneezed from the nostrils that yawn from God’s perfect fac e
And up to now we’ve been arguing who’s the best and who’s the worst race???
Everybody is equally important, sprung and free

Like a bunch of little buds on a big funky tree

Run that sap. Rap like me

People'll be like Yeah, buts what's that mean?

I'm talking about my visions: something something something

Nocturnal emissions: What dreams I come in

I writ it and I said it, few edits, whoo! reckless

My head brims with hymns like a basement of records

I leaf through the pages, purge out the anguish

Turn a new leaf, learn to weed out the aphids

It's hard to spot the essence cuz it ain't this and it ain't this

Fake emcees are just clowns like "Hey, kids!"

Sir Kn8 is nothing in the cosmic analysis
And the same goes for Drake, MIA, planes and palace
Get it all, and maybe get another go, all y’all know
Is that you live at least once -— YLALO

It’s hard to say
Just as the truth to which it refers
Is dim and difficult to conceive
Track Name: Events
Are you going to tell me how much fun i can have?
Are you going to quantify that beforehand on the internet?
Will I be able to obtain unambiguous but doubtful indications of who else will be present at the event?
Will anyone else be present at the event?
Will the images associated with the event be ironically unrelated to the context of the actual content?
Will there actually be content?
Will I be content?
I’m concerned about wavering between deep spiritual investment and anxious indifference, whom should I contact about that?
Should I contact myself?
Should I touch myself? Or is this not an interactive event?
Do I have to actually be there or can I express my appreciation for those who organized it in the form of eloquent professions of regret?
If I am there physically, will I spend money?
Will you make money or in the end will you spend more than I will?
Will my will to participate more actively than is appropriate for the context interfere wit h my ability to appreciate the moment in its purity?
Do you think anyone there will find me sexually relatable?
Will I find anyone relatable at all?
What are the formal possibilities for social relation at the present stage in cultural consciousness?
Are there limits to consciousness, and if so, what are they?
How long will the event be?
How many hours after the indicated time will it begin?
Will it begin or will always be seeming to begin until suddenly it is beginning to end?
Is this the beginning of the end?
Have I ever told you how much I appreciate you being my friend?

How do we generate open and sincere situations that facilitate opportunities for legitimate mutual validation?
Is psychological validation a worthwhile end or is it a desire that is created by those very situations?
Have we reconciled our impulse to promote ourselves with our ostensible allegiance to the decentralization of power, both political and spiritual?

Will there be food, and how overpriced will it be?
Do you know the location of the nearest ATM with the lowest charge?
Will I time it just right to exit the final screen without having to see my balance displayed, and reconcile myself with its paltry sum?