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Are you going to tell me how much fun i can have?
Are you going to quantify that beforehand on the internet?
Will I be able to obtain unambiguous but doubtful indications of who else will be present at the event?
Will anyone else be present at the event?
Will the images associated with the event be ironically unrelated to the context of the actual content?
Will there actually be content?
Will I be content?
I’m concerned about wavering between deep spiritual investment and anxious indifference, whom should I contact about that?
Should I contact myself?
Should I touch myself? Or is this not an interactive event?
Do I have to actually be there or can I express my appreciation for those who organized it in the form of eloquent professions of regret?
If I am there physically, will I spend money?
Will you make money or in the end will you spend more than I will?
Will my will to participate more actively than is appropriate for the context interfere wit h my ability to appreciate the moment in its purity?
Do you think anyone there will find me sexually relatable?
Will I find anyone relatable at all?
What are the formal possibilities for social relation at the present stage in cultural consciousness?
Are there limits to consciousness, and if so, what are they?
How long will the event be?
How many hours after the indicated time will it begin?
Will it begin or will always be seeming to begin until suddenly it is beginning to end?
Is this the beginning of the end?
Have I ever told you how much I appreciate you being my friend?

How do we generate open and sincere situations that facilitate opportunities for legitimate mutual validation?
Is psychological validation a worthwhile end or is it a desire that is created by those very situations?
Have we reconciled our impulse to promote ourselves with our ostensible allegiance to the decentralization of power, both political and spiritual?

Will there be food, and how overpriced will it be?
Do you know the location of the nearest ATM with the lowest charge?
Will I time it just right to exit the final screen without having to see my balance displayed, and reconcile myself with its paltry sum?


from SIR KN8, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Sir KN8 Brooklyn, New York


The "k" is silent. Like in "Knight". The numeral 8 makes an "ate" sound.

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