Notions of Space and Time

from by Sir KN8

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Beat by Ma Bell.


Middle class white dude. Hype too. Like, Who’s this little ass knight goof who writes truth?. I’m new. New born. True form. Warm from out the god-womb. O’er whom broads swoon. Boom: raw wad spewin’. Hot noon to midnight. Rid right in the middle of it. Frickin love it. I didn’t write it, I heard it in the heaven hiding. I'm abiding. On time. Magazine. Rhyming on the microphone and roaming on a jagged line. That’s fine. O Christ: new post, no likes. So like, we weep, seen in the receding light. Really nice icelike three eyed eyesight. Hi-IQ see real truth precise. Sized right: 32/30, sturdy tho slight. No ones ever heard of me: Sir Kn8, a lone knight.
Oh my oh me we make it on our own right. Take it easy but take it tho. Saying flow, know might.

Aye divine light I will constitute your existence
In disconnected utterances, fluttering brisk glints
Of prescient reflection that make people dance
And glean some brief awareness of the epochs’ advance
Wordy rap music philosophical hip-hop
Loquacious flow-spits that twist thoughts like a spinning top
If you’re sitting stop sitting, get up and stand tall
Get there, in the air lemme see you hands y’all

Eat a beat like beets upon a plate
Emcees collapse like electrons from a quantum state
Oh my God wait…speaking of what I’m eating
Got a rhyme flow that portrays my voracious reading
Let’s go; raise the ceiling; Let’s raise awareness
Give all the people good education and fair rents
Hi, my names Nathan I come from good parents
God goeth with me but I don’t know where it is
Golden pronouncements outflow from my pair of lips
Piercing the essence o’er which the appearance sits
Most of you rappers with hits are transparent shit
Roll out a ghost-written chorus and there you quit
Maybe repeating your hooks has impaired your wit
Maybe read books, you utter embarrassments
What are we? What is this? Whence sent, this weird vision
It’s all so loco No local realism
No clear way out out the constructs and system
More than two million we threw them in prison
When I say we I don’t mean we each person
But we the vast complex of tastes and aversions
That structures our worlds in the tight weave of consciousness
And normative assumptions — or isn’t that obvious?
Can’t believe an ounce of it, all the hate you talk of
The power of Love is absolute like the Vodka
Rock a show like a-bye-baby Hi ladies how are ya
Aint got no gold but soul gotta whole lotta
What’s soul? that’s the moment of my motion into being
As I’m borne from realms eternal into the midst of imperfect things
Or to put it more mundanely, it’s the fact that I exist
As an real live pulse of what underlies all that is
This is me see me for the first time and know me
We’re separate by our notions of our space and time only


from SIR KN8, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Sir KN8 Brooklyn, New York


The "k" is silent. Like in "Knight". The numeral 8 makes an "ate" sound.

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