Shield of Madness

from by Sir KN8

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Remix of a beat by Tareq Khalil.


Forge a little somethin in the smithy of my mind
Madness made of adamant, in intricate design
Cull it from the kiln of will where inner fires shine
Wear my mental armor carry on my daily grind
Goin out quietly? nothing of the kind
Conquering the world but I kinda feel like cryin
I’m a cataract of atoms that by chance are called mine
And are crashing through a wall of light sprawled about and blind
Kinda sounds crazy Crazy but its real!
Harness my confusion and create from it a shield
Aint trying to hide behind it tryin to hold it forth and raise it
Ward away the forces of oppressiveness and hatred
For the way that's overrated is the way that most have taken
Cause they’d rather front and fake than be exposed and know they’re naked
Takin a stance against that one and this one wasting away in inaction and wishing
Waiting on someone to show them a vision as if it will give it all some definition

Damn this
Practice and Have Bliss
Wish, Action and Swish
Yeah its all in that wrist
Planned this
At risk Win it all
Splish splash sprawling in the cosmic mash mish
Yeah bitch thats rad ish
As raw as radish, in a garden grown fresh
Oh my Gosh so def
Guarding the part of my self thats left when my soul from its cell is cleft Yes
Cell? Check. Keys? check? Bottle in my bag? yes
Also got the shield I forged with my madness
Don’t leave home without it American Express
Shield of Real to shield me from American excess
XX and OO Embrace and Plant kiss And phrase the poem’s flow
in praise of glad gifts
Now hate’s a bad miss but Love exact hits
Walking where the latter is
And my talisman is this


from SIR KN8, released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Sir KN8 Brooklyn, New York


The "k" is silent. Like in "Knight". The numeral 8 makes an "ate" sound.

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