Talkin' Poetry Buff

by Sir Kn8

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Some songs are about something in particular, some are the result of randomly flipping through your notebook.


The following song has no particular meaning
No particular angle or purpose for being
It’s just an open page and the words from it leaping
It’s called poetry buff. Now you know what you’re reading
Poetry buff, but it aint no reading list
And if it aint meaningful, but it also aint meaningless
No refrain, just chasing the fleeting bliss
That lazily drips like a grape from a squeezing fist

Gee whiz. Now that’s a good image
High flyin’ that’s good quidditch
29 … that’s good cribbage
Actually I’m 30. Wordy slippage

And I still think I can make a career out of this shit
Leonard Cohen did it. He was 33. That’s the age Christ died.

Poetry buff ?
I'm not buff. I write poetry
I'm of two minds
But I hope you like both of me
I used the line before, she didn’t go home with me
Better write more of your poetry, Oglesby

Okeley dokely. Noticing nobody’s
Knowing the ropes, only groping impotently
Hoping the notes that they pose in their sophistry
Hold them afloat, and posting them socially

Gosh, am I lonely. God is relationship
Knah what I’m sayin’? Nah I’m just sayin’ some shit
Y’all on some new shit . Y’all on some ancient shit
I’m in the now. Kbloaw I just changed some shit
Piggy bank in bacon bits. Boar’s head. cash spent!
Pay it straight forward tho shorely the path’s bent
Say what’s important tho I know no one’s asked yet
Goin’ for it. We’re goin to Aspen
Poetry buff: my notebook is beige-ish
Poetry in the buff: I wrote this naked
Poetry rebuffed: I rewrote it, they hated it
Poetry, beloved: forever yours, Nathan
A One Man Band: The United Kn8’s
One man Land: geysers and lakes
One damn planet: man changed its face
Come plan heaven: devils at the gates
The sun’s like a glory hole open in the sky
Ain’t a day passes when it doesn’t poke by
Earth is matter when you meet ‘er see her soul when you pry
You’re a part when you start it’s a whole when you die
Whole with a W. Double true. Fuck it dude
Summon all my rhymes put em in a funky country tune
Fun times get it jumping like a bunny do
Bungee too. But what to do. I’m but a dream. What to do?
I’m a man till matter shifts it
I am sand, a passing instant
Flashing in and fast am finished
Paths infinite passive in set
A splashing rivulet rapid and virulent
Crash I appear and then after am rid of it
Cleave a passage, snap a twiglet
Snag a cig, hit, pass, pass again, get
Grab the kingdom and the kin get
Passed the kingship, That’s the thing kid
Smash the class distinction
That’s some rash yet rapid thinkin
And it was interesting, and it was intricate
Rad that he’s written it and that he spits it
That’ some kismet That’s the shiznit
Man’s an infant. And the bib’s wet
Shit I didn’t catch a word of it
Yet that’s impertinent, get with the verve and let
Lesser concerns be def erred; let your burdens lift
Poetry buff. Shine up your lines
Poetry bluff. Writin some lies
Poetry barf. Too much wine
Poetry boef. Mooing of kine
Kine is the plural for cow. Too much cow wine: moon shine
Hey dad hey mom hey brothers
Hey all Kn8’s friends hey all kn8’s lovers
Hey anyone who ever hears the stuff Kn8 mutters
Now you’re in the lyrics if there’s ever Kn8 covers
And the kick and the snare drum play
Till the night becomes the day
I’m goin in tough like a poetry buff
With the potent stuff I say
I'm Sir Kn8


released January 25, 2019


all rights reserved



Sir Kn8 Brooklyn, New York


The "k" is silent. Like in "Knight". The numeral 8 makes an "ate" sound.

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